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May Calls For Investigation and Corporate Consequences For Peace River Oil Spill

Elizabeth May is wasting no time in her new position by clamoring for an investigation of the Peace River oil spill that has been kept a secret until just recently, and demanding severe corporate consequences, something entirely unheard of these past years.

In stark contrast, the Tory’s oily wet dream in Alberta has also wasted no time giving her good reason to be disgusted. Big surprise.

“We have 45-year-old pipelines lines like this one running through some of the most ecologically sensitive parts of our country, and the industry wants to build even more. It’s time to take a step back and reassess,” said Ms. May. “Accidents are too damaging to be acceptable in this industry.”

The Lone Green in a Blue Sea

As Canada’s sole Green MP, Ms. May said her first stop in Ottawa will be to appeal to the Speaker of the House to grant her recognition and a budget more in keeping with a national party leader than a lone MP. She noted that the Progressive Conservative Party, when it was reduced to just two seats, was given standing in Question Period as if it had been a recognized party in Parliament.

“The Conservative platform gave us no reason for encouragement,” she said. “There is far more detail and verbiage about how the Conservatives plan to celebrate the anniversary of the War of 1812 than there is on the climate crisis. So we know we have a significant, daunting challenge.”

“They will not be able to shut me down or shut me up.”

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"Elizabeth May Takes Army of One to Ottawa"

Elizabeth May, First Elected Green on North American Continent

"I will never shrink from speaking truth to power nor will I embrace the politics of spin. We need hope over fear, we need compassion over competition, we need to recognize that Canadians deserve a government where 308 MPs figure out how to work together."

When asked what 1 lone MP could possibly hope to achieve, she replies, invoking Pierre Trudeau:

"Just watch me."

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Vote May 2011 Media Blitz: Elections agency warns of false information Some voters told polling stations changed By Laura Payton, CBC News Posted:...


Elections Canada is warning voters not to trust anyone but the agency itself about where they should vote on Monday after reports that some voters are being told to go to the wrong polling stations — some up to an hour away from their homes.

Spokeswoman Francine Bastien said Elections Canada has…

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Elizabeth May to win in Saanich-Gulf Islands, predicts CBC News National Affairs Editor Chris Hall

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Today’s the Day!


Go out and vote for Elizabeth May!

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Elizabeth May to win in Saanich-Gulf Islands, predicts CBC News National Affairs Editor Chris Hall (by votemay2011)

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